Treeline Pass Day Program offers day habilitation, prevocational training, supported employment, and behavioral services for adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Our staff is committed to a culture of high expectations and limitless growth.

Programming is based on the unique interests and strengths of each individual and taught under BCBA supervision using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Structured progress monitoring is essential to ensure lifelong learning and success.  Our adults rise above the treeline with detailed goals and instruction in each of the following Quality of Life Indicators:  

  • Education: Training in academic areas of deficit and interest

  • Employment:  Career development through job training, paid internships, supported employment, and volunteer opportunities

  • Leisure:  Identification of interests and skill development to increase fulfillment and joy

  • Social Connections: Facilitation of interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, and communication

  • Independence:  Training in self-care, housekeeping, transportation, money management, meal planning, and self advocacy

  • Security:  Stress and anxiety management to help our adults feel more secure.  Training in safety skills for home, local community, and online environments

  • Health:  Training in nutrition and fitness, compliance with doctor’s recommendations, hygiene, and health-related communication

#mrscolorado interview with Executive Director, Mike Insalata on ABA therapy and what makes programming at Treeline Pass unique.

Inclusion elevates all.

Elaine Hall